You know what? I also do believe that anything happen closely related with what we feel and do and of course what we called prayer. (jadi remember Obiet sang the prayer with Nina in Idola Cilik, what a wonderful voice you has Obiet……). Reach your dream with your hard effort and do prayer to Allah (He is the owner of everything, if U wana request something just do prayer) and of course believing (that Allah will answer you).
Ok that’s the introduction of this posting……

The Brand New One

The brand new friends I spent with
3 years with my close activity to You
The brand new experience came close to me
My homesick fade away but still
I passed my 1 full year and 121 days in residence
“I have accounted it”, I whispered
The brand unsuspected new thing
Come in my life for almost 3 years
I tear it away just because of You
I’m here with my whole being
I’m here with my servile
I’m here with wishes
I’m here with You and for You
Thanks for making me believing
Thanks for making me staying here
Thanks for making me aware
This is a drive inside me
I dedicated my own to You
I love Allah much deeper

NOTE: Oh y bagi MTI or anyone who knows, mang kalau Engkau buat Allah bisa pakai “You”? Can we use “You” for second singular person for referring to The Creator of universe?
Thanks for responding this.

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