Yuks Learn English through Authentic Material

What I mean by authentic material here is when you do receptive activity in getting any information related with English just choose the authentic one. Do reading authentic material (e. g. extensive reading) and do listening authentic text (e.g. English song) or why don’t you watch English movie. So, your productive activity will be quite similar ato mirip2 dgn authentic nya kan? I bet you will get better than learn through English text book in school. I just be amazed, why don’t Indonesia government especially in DIKNAS or whatever lah that related with Indonesian’ education choose authentic material for learning. Why don’t they create any book contains the authentic one. If we learn English text book you can see the reality, there are lots of students do not know English or practicing how to communicate in English. Because, they do not learn through the real one. No practice and Nothinglah. English text book is bullshit (except yang contains authentic material, tapi apa sudah ada? Sorry this is my opinion). Sorry lagi but I don’t get any beside structure through text book. Itupun kalo Q ingat2 gitu2 doank. Soal ujian sulit hasil ujian lu2s (dg banyak bantuan tentunya) tapi prakteknya mana? Anak2 indonesia g bisa cuap2 bebas dg English. Padahal tdi hasilnya tinggi, belajar English sejak SD pula. Just account how many years you have already learnt English subject without any significant result? Apalagi yang dikampung2. parah. Dikota aja mereka yang bisa speak English itu adalah yang ikut English kursus or the one who learn through their favorite English songs or watch English movie. Kalo gak? Hm a big question. Gak usah ditanya deh.. G ad yang enjoy dan hasilnya juga “nonsense”ah.
Yuks start from listening. Learning how to speak a foreign language like a native speaker is difficult but not impossible guys. The better your pronunciation, the better people will understand you and the easier you will find it to understand them (iya khan?)
When the first time you listen to English, you will get only a little or even nothing about the word and how to pronounce it. However, if you continue listen English as much as possible; you will gradually become familiar with the sound and rhythms of ENGLISH and begin to be able to pronounce it (just try deh). Believe me…..
I’ve already read the article and found that Paul Rogers (1999) who studied about the using of listening song through pronunciation in High School and Junior Technical College in Mexico found that using English song really improve students’ pronunciation.
He also found some advantages in using song trough pronunciation, namely:
The material of song easy to get (ada yg g punya? just ask me… I’ve a lot)
Listening song in the classroom is a good way to introduce fun into learning English (getting fun i2 important kan? It will motivate you in learning it)
He also found that the use of songs creates an atmosphere of interest in the study of English, and can lead to a change from a "teacher centered" to a "student centered" class (students will be active lagi deh and this is the point of learning). The students can be active in listening and practice their pronunciation.
There is also evidence from the HongKong University of Science and Technology (2004) also states that listening to the English song can improve students’ capability in English such as pronunciation, listening, and vocabulary.
Realize or not, Songs provide examples of authentic, memorable and rhythmic language. They can be motivating for students to repeatedly listen to and imitate their musical and of course their pronunciation.
And the second one related with my proposal. Next posting will be………

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  1. could u implement this in ur field of teaching????????????