Weakness in research; cycle 1

The weakness is me. I had to print lots of download books from several sites. Sometimes I get my self stuck. I had to set the paper. I asked Safaat Photocopy to divide the paper into two pieces. Then the bad time caught me. The printer didn’t work. It seemed no wish in printing these two side paper. Oh My God. I try to control myself. I had to call this work quit. Then I took my headphone and plug it in my computer. I played my play list in my own folder. The singer sang and I imitated it. To diminish my stuck. He he he….

It has been years. More days pass… More weeks have already accompanied me in facing this life. I still couldn’t get it easy. This really gets me crazy. Make me stronger please!!!!

Time changes
But ….
I’m still
Here …
With my past

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  1. eVrytHin9 will B right sizt, tinggaL b9mN qt MenyikaPix. (wuiCh, pesan san9 biJak, juduLku sJ BLm mazuk2..... Argghh). sMaN9aD!!