Muna's Wedding

Thursday, 27th of November 2015. Yesterday, Muna, my husband’s cousin got married. It is an amazing episode in her life. In the morning, I prepared myself to get to school; while my husband was already fixing his day become Master of Ceremony for Muna’s wedding at 08.00.

Everythings ran well. Hafshoh and I went to school. I am as a committee of semester examination prepared everything I can do before leaving school and get Muna’s house.

Then, Hafshoh and I use public transportation to Bonea. We reach the wedding at about 10 am. Ijab Qabul had not begun yet. The ikhwa hasn’t come yet. After about a minute I entered the house, then, The ikhwa and the family from Lagasa came in.  it is not a big party. It is simple and religious. I feel. There is no blue big tent with luxurious things. But it has a very deep meaning for Muna. Hope that, they can build a strong family in religion line.


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