Come Back Still Be Positive?

14 Juli 2015. Bismillah. I’ve just opened my borderless world. This is another word for internet I think. Hehehe. I check my facebook just because I wanna send a speech to my student in MAN 1 Bombana. Long time I don’t get with this connection. My student stated that she has added me and waited confirmation in facebook. So, I looked at the screen and scroll it up and down and found that I have to confirm her.
I check her wall to make me easy in sending her message. I plan to transfer the speech via inbox fb. Open her wall is a way to direct click the message button.
Accidentally, I scroll and read her status which show how gloomy she is due to ‘mutasi’. She didn’t mention who the one who did move. But the only teacher did it is me, myself. 

 (*Note: nama sengaja disamarkan, karena diambil tanpa sepengetahuan pemilik akun)
 Tear drop. I’m sad. The status just creates miserable condition in my heart.
I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make u and others sad. U have to be strong all alone. U NEED TO STAND STILL AND LIFT UP. I’ll accompany u all with my pray. I’m here faraway but close.
Actually, I feel something lost when I leave Bombana. And the most lost piece is my students. I’ll miss teaching u all guys. I’ll miss everything in my behind.
I’m sorry.
Sometimes we have to leave a place to meet another even when sad fill our bag.
With love,
Your teacher
Wa Saripah-Raha, 14 Juli 2015

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