English Where are U?

15 jan 2105. Kasipute. It has been age, since my latest post in English. Honestly, being a passive communicator using English is unexpected thing. I’m totally passive in both oral and written. I think u can predict my English level now. It turns down into the low stage.

Lots of strange words I met in reading an English text. I hate myself for that.  Even I‘m with the meaning of the
sentence, But, I don’t think it is proper for me as a teacher. I should push myself to get intrinsic motivation in improving my English. Buy an English book online is one of my plans. Being a blog walker in English blog is another good way. Read a lot will help me to cope with the problem.
Why I do this? Yeah, as u know… I’m an English teacher. How come an English teacher unable to communicate actively? How come an English teacher meets strange words while reading? Am I a teacher? I’m shy to admit that I’m an English teacher with low capability. Hiks…
Hey, but don’t worry. There is a will there is a way. What I need to do is practice. Just like what I’m doing now. Write. Write. Write. Read. Read. Read. Post. Post. Post. OK. Final.
Eniho, I’m curious with my 2 years old daughter. She remembers still about AIR ASIA QZ8501. She gets it when watched news about a month passed. Almost news just talked about AIR ASIA all the time. Another news just disappear. I don’t know why they focus on AIR ASIA accident. The news program result on HAfshoh memorize “AIR ASIA QZ8501”. She pronounces QZ8501 like raining drop.clearly. Easy. Just fall down without a reason.
For me, QZ8501 is combination of unwanted number and alphabet. It is hard to memorize that name easily. And I don’t think that it is a name.
have a nice night yah...

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