Saya menulis ini di madrasah. Di kelas X1. Di bulan Februari hari ke-17.
I’m here. X1 MAN 1 Bombana. This day, this madrasah features in a different mold. There is no food available. Canteen closed. Off course, as human my students get hungry in break time. And after the break time, they still have the same. Remain hungry.
No food, no near house, no water, only rice field and fresh grass…
I enter the class just after break. This is IT subject we’ll learn. After a while, I talk and tell them about Nabi Muhammad for about 45 minutes. Then, My eyes on them. I said; “don’t you feel hungry?”
They answered: “we do mam”.
Hem… being hungry will hit their attention in studying. Hungry kills their enthusiastic. Only real food will make them alive. feeding them with knowledge will result nothing.
So, I decided not to teach IT. I asked them to be a story teller about anything. They felt shy, I guess. No one raised hand. So I chose another one. I just asked them to do anything they like with no moving but sit, no noise only whispers.
Sarna, asked my book and said that she wants to write something from there. I agreed. And I was just surprise. Lots of them chose to do what Sarna do. So, they and I wrote.
They wrote it while I was writing this.
 I plan to print some beginner English books for them. Ask them to copy and read it. What a lovely activity, right? I imagine they’ll read and share story to friend. It is what I call beautiful learning. I’ll try to execute it this week. Hope everything runs well.
What story do you share this day?

Note: fotonya diambil tanggal 28 Februari 2015 saat diskusi Bahasa Inggris

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