Kampungan? Ah, Saya Gak!

12 Oktober 2015. Staying at a hotel isn’t my habitual. I mean, as far as I think, I find that, I only stay at a hotel once, in September 2014 with my student; Anna Purnamasari (itupun bukan dana dari kantong pribadi. Pakai uang Negara, aduh, negaraku, gak gak, gak ada kok yang namanya rugi. Saya disana menyerap ilmu untuk anak bangsa). We stayed at Grand Clarion Kendari (kalau untuk Kendari, hotel ini termasuk nomor Wahid katanya). I’m not too ‘kampungan’ for this kind of facilities available there. But, (kok masih ada ‘but’ nya, berarti ???? hehehe) I don’t even feel I close with them.

A shower. I usually have plastic container to throw water over my self. And then, a western toilet, I don’t even feel comfort with this kind of facility. At home, ‘WC jongkok' is more common. I feel hard in trying to do it with the western one. 

But, I feel good with the bed, so soft.

I don’t like the AC. I prefer natural wind than this (point at AC). I just feel I'm going to be sick with the new atmosphere. My body needed to adapt. Sometime, I just told Anna to switch it off.

Oh ya, the bathroom also has hair dryer. I rare or I don’t use this kind of tool. When my hair is wet after bathing, I use my towel to cover my wet hair and then if the water remain less, I take the towel off and that’s all. It is still wet, but, it is fine. The hair will be dry itself. Hehehe…

I saw Anna use it after bathing. But, I even don’t familiar with it. I will use it some other time.

When having our eating time, I don’t even know those kind of foods. Lots of food are served. I don’t familiar with some of them. I also saw ‘sumpit’. I don’t know how to use it. Hehehe…

Another uncommon is the lift. I fell ‘oleng’/dizzy when use it many times. Hehehe, I don’t know but, maybe I can’t live in the city. If only the lift, I think I can handle it. But …

The facilities are not my life.

Even others facility at the city. Like have a lunch at KFC. I don’t like it. I prefer have a lunch at home, or at the canteen like what the Indonesian has (if u know what I mean). It is the food vendor. Or the ‘warung makan’ is a good deal.

What things I like then? I really like to water my vegetable plant using plastic tube. Free from inorganic or pesticide. Compost is better. I love to take and cook the vegetable at the kitchen.

I also like water from boiled pan for drinking rather than the ‘galon’. I don’t know but, the taste is different.

So, in short I just wana say, I’m a normal person. Hehe, But, I will learn how to have a lunch at hotel or a luxurious place, some other time, at the future.
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Dipublish 19 oktober 2015.

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