Take A Nap at Office

05 Maret 2015. At madrasah (MAN 1 Bombana).  Last night I didn’t sleep well. Hafshoh just acted, played, jumped, laughed, and you know, she did those at midnight. Tiil 12.30 I wanna keep my eyes close. But, her eyes just like a star; very bright.
As a result,
On this chair, at school. I’m sleepy. Wanna lay my body on the bed…
Bed bed bed?
It is already 01 pm.
I tried hard to sleep by lying on these chairs. But I couldn’t. Until I heard rain dropped. Rain allowed me to sleep. The sound of its dropping just likes a classical music for me. I like it.
So I take a nap for about 10 minutes I guess. Short but that is enough.

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  1. Hallo ipeh,,, finally i found you at blogsphere... huraaa.

  2. ka rian? it must be you senior...hehehe,
    just curious who is rhey bond? then i found ur pic somewhere at ur blog..got u..