Teacher and Writing Must be Closed

Lambiku, 10 September 2015. Sometimes, being static is a wrong action. Today, a teacher has to do and prepare a lot of things related to administration. You can not just teach without being care with those files.
I will share here about my experience these several years.
I taught in Madrasah since 2010. What I had is only students’ attendance list, a book (sometimes I don’t have a book, I only have syllabi and I tried to find material from internet. I download it, combine it with another source and I print it forming like handout and I asked student to copy it. And you know I’ve never written all about my activities; even I know sometimes is a very good activity. But I missed the important step. Writing it.
I don’t have other things. I don’t have journal, diary, analysis (except 2014, I create it), students’ characteristics, a note about students’ attitude and others. You know, I start create those in 2014.
And now on, in 2015, I construct those kinds of files with my own creativity. I think it is still need to be improved. But what actually I have done is a must.
A teacher should have minimal teaching time (schedule to teach). So, she/he could write and share ideas about his/her teaching experiences in a book. And the most important one is he/she can focus on their students more. That is more reasonable than having lots of classes but they couldn’t pay more attention to several students. They focus on them, they can write, try to find solution if they hit a problem and of course, they need to still write it. Write everything and lots of things.
Have a nice writing guys.

Published: 11 Sept 2015

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