Easy Said But ...

Wamponiki, 05 Februari 2017

This is the second week of matrikulasi program Batch 3. And you know, this day is the last day aka the deadline for posting the second assignment of the program. I have to finish the indicators of being a professional woman for myself, my husband, and my daughter.

Every woman has different indicator. This is upon to their condition, environment, and also other things which influence their life. To be professional, we should know our vision, mission, and dream and also our capability. Decide the vision, the target and then, try to list which one is the priority. And then do it maximally.

Seems to be easy, right? But it is not. Easy said than done. But, do not think just do it. This also relates to the first lesson; the adab/courtesy of studying; get little info (ilmu) but do it. Rather than, get lots of info (ilmu) but doing nothing.

Ok. I think enough for the “target of my English publishing every month”.

See you next month in my other English posting. I will post another English work, if I have good network. 

Can You guess where am I?

Yeah... cafe net.


Wa Saripah

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