On The Way to MTs Lambiku

MTs Lambiku, 10 Agustus 2015. Happy Monday morning guys. I write this just to pass my requirement. I have a target; publishing 1 English text from my own word to this blog. So, here am I, I don’t know what to type I just go without planning. I came here; at MTs Lambiku at about 8 o’clock.
In my way to this madrasah, we (my husband and I) pass our father (my husband’s father). He goes on foot to reach his land. He starts from home; Bonea and will stop his way in Lambiku. It is about 7 km. can you imagine that? Walking along and then cleaning his land and seeing if everything runs well in his land. It is not easy work, I thought. It needs extra energy to deal with. He cultivates his land. Plant some plants there. I hear that he have already had jati. And now on, my husband tries to plant ‘nilam’. They still clean the land. Cleaning it, does not mean you clean it with broom. Sweep it. Is not like we make our room clean. But, they cut trees, grass, or something like that. It can even smaller or bigger.
I don’t even ask whether his father goes together with him in cultivating the land for nilam. I just think about his father right now. He goes on foot with big blade in his hand. He wears old hat, trousers, and shirt. Walking along the street without getting tired? He must be tired.
He is used to do that. So, tired is his habitual side. Hope that, Allah always gives healthy for him. Aamiiiiiin…

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