Time Management; Motivate ur Self!!!

05 April 2015. Others have already done what actually I’ve never tried. They wrote before I think. They have a book before I could make one. The newspaper published their opinion before I imagine about it.
I try to open my mind up. Look every chance and take it. Even I feel that I couldn’t reach all. Sometimes I imagine larger than I could do. It is just about managing my time I guess. And a big yes; it is a big problem. I couldn’t arrange time effectively.
So, I plan to join easy event about anything. Giveaway, writing competition, teacher’s competition, etc.
I try.
Managing time is important for managing our life. We could reach better than we have already dreamt about if time management is ok. Maybe, I should join time management class.
People around me seem so better than me. They reach target and run life well on my eye. But sometimes, I only focus on their best side without considering another side of their life. And of course this is totally wrong. I should judge only about myself. Don’t focus on judging others. Just prepare yourself better than yesterday. Don’t put yourself on regretting zone. Every creature on this world has their own way. Don’t make any comparison. It is about motivation. Don’t compare, but motivate yourself with their wonderful story. That will bring you on a pleasant site. People there, for a reason. People here for completing our life.
Just as easy as that? A Big Yes.

Diposkan 13 April 2015

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